Thursday, March 17, 2011

MSG in Rotisserie Chicken

My discovery this week of MSG was at my co-op.  I purchased their rotisserie chicken 2 weeks ago and suspected msg because I had some of the usual symptoms but thought maybe it was just a virus but this week when I ate it I knew for sure, dratts.  So I called the co-op to tell them that I think they are inadvertently putting MSG on their chicken.  They were very helpful and concerned and I think they truly want to find out what ingredient is the problem.  One of the possibilities is sea salt.  We all think that that is a better salt for us but I have heard rumors of msg being introduced into that product in chips etc. so maybe that is the case.  Otherwise it may just be in the spices they are putting on the chicken.  They said they will start making a few without seasoning each day for people and hopefully they'll figure it out so I can enjoy their yummy seasoned chickens as well.
My best advice is education, educate yourself and anyone else that you can.  It is so bad for us and in so much of our food these days.  I've even heard rumors of aspartame and msg blend in soft drinks coming soon.
Remember to check out the ever changing face of msg on the Truth in labeling website.
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  1. It seems more likely that the issue stems from the spices than the sea salt. I'd guess that salt has enough taste and addictive qualities already.

  2. you are probably right, but I don't rule out anything these days with food producers